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Is There Any Difference in Chain Lubricants and Oils?

Sunday, July 26th, 2009

Chain LubricantsIf you want your bike to keep changing gears and running smoothly, you need to keep your bike chain clean and lubricated. There is a wide selection of different chain lubricants and chain oils available in the market today, and this can make choosing the right one a little confusing. Here we take a look at the different chain lubricant options available to you.

Sram Ultimate Maintenance Kits

Sunday, July 5th, 2009

Maintenance KitsJust like is says in that famous motto of the Boy Scouts, you should always be prepared. There is nothing worse than being on your bike, miles from home, and have something go wrong on your bike…and you don’t have any tools to fix it. You need to be prepared for all kinds of situations that could possibly happen out on your ride. And even if you have a great bike, keep it well maintained and spend your hard earned on all the best components and practice good puncture prevention, things can still go wrong. So, be prepared and make sure you always carry your maintenance kit and tyre puncture repair kit.