Deda Elementi Handlebar

Deda Elementi HandlebarWhether it’s for road racing and triathlon or mountain biking, Deda Elementi has a reputation for making some of the best handlebars in the business. These are regarded as top handlebars for professionals and the serious recreational rider alike made from the latest in carbon fiber technology.

Here, we look at some of the handlebars in the Deda Elementi stable.

Big Piega
The Big Piega from Deda Elementi is a precision drawn, anatomically designed handlebar constructed of heat-treated 6061 matte black anodized alloy. They are also now available in shiny black. The Big Piega has dimensions of 38cm x 40cm x 42cm from outside to outside and weigh 305 grams.

The Electa handlebar from Deda is for the professional road racer. The Electa is constructed from advanced carbon fiber materials that give the handlebars extra strength and stiffness.

The dimensions of the Deda Electa handlebar from outside to outside is 42cm x 44cm x 46cm, with a drop of 140mm from center to center. They have a reach of 83.5mm from center to center and weigh just 211 grams.

According to Deda, these handlebars are the “shape of modern cycling”. These top handlebars feature Deda’s Rapid Hand Movement technology and are manufactured using 6061 T6 butted alloy. The Fluida is available in either white or black matte anodized. The handlebar’s dimensions from outside to outside are 42cm x 44cm x 46cm with a drop of 128mm and a reach of 75mm. They weigh about 312 grams.

These Deda handlebars are very stiff and rigid with a thin wall and lightweight structure. Like the Fluida, they are manufactured from 6061 T6 alloy and are built to handle heavy fatigue stresses.

Deda also uses Kinetic Energy Surface Strength Treatment (KET) technology to compress the surface structure of the handlebars to provide high surface hardness resulting in a longer life for your handlebars, even when you’re dishing out extreme fatigue stresses. They feature twin grooves for your shifter and brake cables to keep everything neat and tidy and are available in anodized matte black.

The dimensions of the Magic Deda handlebars are 42cm x 43mm x 46cm with a drop of 142mm from center to center and a reach of 86mm. They weigh in at 247 grams.

If you’re looking for a set of handlebars for your triathlon bike, then the Deda Elementi Aerodue may just suit your needs.

These professional triathlon handlebars have dimensions from outside to outside of 38cm x 40cm x 42cm x 44cm x 46cm with a drop of 60mm. They weigh 335 grams.

Crononero and Crononero Team
These are considered top handlebars for triathlon and professional time trials. Made from 6061 alloy, they are strong and reliable and to suit the serious triathlete, they are designed with upward curving ends. The diameter of the Crononero and Crononero Team handlebar is 31.7mm with vital statistics of 40cm x 42cm x 44cm x 46cm from outside to outside, and they weigh just 230 grams.

Big Bar
The Big Bar from Deda Elementi is made with the mountain bike rider in mind. They fit perfectly with the Deda Quattro or Deda Big Logo stem and feature a design that will make those long rides much more comfortable. They have a standard 31.7mm diameter and are 560mm wide. They weigh in at a miniscule 165 grams.

Big Freeride
This mountain bike handlebar is available in a dark metal polish with a standard 31.7mm diameter. The Big Freeride bar is 630mm wide and has a 3 degree bend and 35mm rise. The Big Freeride mountain bike handlebar weighs 270 grams.

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