Deda Carbon Handlebar

Deda Carbon Handlebar

If you’re ready to fork out your hard-earned money on a pair of the best handlebars available on the market today, then you may just want to check out the range of Deda Carbon handlebars. Deda has a reputation for making high quality bicycle components including a range of top handlebars. Here we take a look at their range of carbon handlebars.

Campione carbon handlebars

The Campione handlebars from Deda are made specifically for professional riders and use the latest in carbon fiber technology. They feature a new round section, a classic bend, and an improved design including a double cable groove under the bar. For increased stability the Campione handlebar features an extended bulge section.

The Campione carbon handlebars have a reach of 80mm with a drop of 143mm from center to center. The Campione measures 38cm x 40cm x 42cm x 43cm x 44cm x 46cm from outside to outside and they weigh just 189 grams.

Nuova Sfida Deda handlebars

These top carbon fiber handlebars from Deda have great structural stiffness and feature RHM Rapid Hand Movement in the alloy carbon wrapped edition.

The reach of the Nuova Sfida handlebars is 75mm with a drop of 128mm. The dimensions of the handlebars is 42cm x 44cm x 46cm, outside to outside. They weigh around 308 grams.

Deda’s Road handlebar Ultra

These handlebars from Deda are constructed from fully wound carbon and alloy and feature an aero shape. They have a reach of 86mm, an anatomic drop of 142mm, center to center and have dimensions of 42cm x 44cm x 46cm from outside to outside. The Ultra road handlebars weigh 285 grams.

Sfida handlebars

These are fully wound carbon and alloy constructed handlebars with a regular cross section. The Sfida has a reach of 86mm and an anatomic drop of 142mm from center to center. The dimensions for this set of handlebars is 42cm x 44cm x 46cm from outside to outside, and they weigh in at 277 grams.

Aeroblack Triathlon handlebars

The Aeroblack is Deda’s specialist triathlon handlebars and feature an aerodynamic cow-horn styling, full carbon fiber, and an integrated armrest. The Aeroblack handlebars are fully adjustable and there are a wide selection of lengths and angles available.

The Aeroblack can also be fitted with Aerobar extensions such as the Deda Clip-Black, the Deda GCB and the Deda Clip-One Armrest.

The Aeroblack also has internal brake cable routing. The handlebar’s dimensions are 40cm x 42cm x 44cm x 46 from outside to outside.

Deda’s Electa handlebars

The Electa handlebar from Deda embodies the best that today’s technologies and materials has to offer in professional racing handlebars. Manufactured from full carbon fiber composite, they punch well above their weight so to speak when you compare them with many other road racing handlebars.

They offer the stiffness and strength of carbon fiber, which makes these one of the best handlebars your money can buy.

Deda recommend Electa handlebars for use on special bicycles built for professional racing, where the handlebar’s strength ratio is vital.

The Electa’s dimensions are 42cm x 44cm x 46cm from outside to outside, with a drop of 140mm from center to center and a reach from center to center of 83.5 mm
The Electa carbon handlebar from Deda weighs just 211 grams.

So, whether you are into triathlon, professional road racing, or just want to get that competitive edge on your weekend ride, Deda carbon handlebars will steer you in the right direction.

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