Deda Newton Handlebar

Deda Newton HandlebarIf you’re serious about your road riding, then you’ll want the best components on your bike to keep the weight down and the ride smooth and efficient. When it comes to fitting the best handlebars to your road bike, you can’t go past Deda Newton handlebars.

Deda handlebars have a great reputation among cyclists and they have an extensive range to suit most riders’ needs. Deda Newton handlebars offer a good rigid handlebar while also weighing less than other comparable top handlebars.

The Newton handlebars from Deda have revolutionized the way competition handlebars are made. With a handlebar and stem combination, the Newton range of alloy handlebars offer increased rigidity (by up to 25 per cent) while at the same time weighing around 100 grams less than other similar competition handlebars.

So, what makes these the best handlebars for added rigidity and lighter weight?

Newton handlebars are constructed differently and it’s this revolutionary design that makes these handlebars so good. Rather than having a plain pipe construction, they incorporate triple butting at all critical stress points of the bar and stem, and an increased cross-section in the center of the handlebars giving the Newton its added rigidity and strength.

The Deda Newton is available in three models: the Newton Anatomic; Newton Shallow; and Newton Deep.

The Newton Anatomic has a drop from center to center of 142mm and a reach from center to center of 86mm. The width of the Newton Anatomic from outside to outside is 42cm x 43cm x 44cm x 46cm and has an outside diameter of 31.7mm. These top competition handlebars weigh just 209 grams.

The Newton Shallow has a drop of 135mm from center to center and a reach of 80mm. Like the Anatomic, the Newton Shallow has a width of 42cm x 43cm x 44cm x 46cm and outside diameter of 31.7mm. They also weigh a very light 209 grams.

The Newton Deep competition handlebars have a drop from center to center of 145mm and a reach from center to center of 95mm. Like the Anatomic and Shallow they have a width of 42cm x 43cm x 44cm x 46cm and outside diameter of 31.7mm and weigh 209 grams.

These are top handlebars for competition road racing and so naturally will cost you a little extra. While for some, these handlebars will not be within their budget, but if you take your road cycling seriously…and can afford them, they will be a great asset to your bike.

What do riders think of these handlebars?
Here’s what some Deda Newton owners have to say about their handlebars from posted reviews:

“These handlebars are really stiff. The round bend and deep drop is a classic shape, nice and deep.”

“They are good bars but they are expensive for alloy handlebars.”

“It’s very stiff and so I never feel as if I’m losing any energy due to flexing when climbing hills.”

“They have a low amount of flex which makes climbing more comfortable and they also have greater wrist room for sprinting.”

There you have it, the next time you are looking for a set of lightweight competition road racing handlebars, check out Deda Newton, they are up there with the best handlebars.

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