DT Swiss Front Hubs

DT Swiss Front HubsDo you need new hubs for the wheels of your bike? There are many components companies making high quality bicycle front hubs or freewheel hubs for both the recreational and more serious professional rider. DT Swiss hubs are rated highly and so if you’re in the market for new hubs, be sure to check out their range.

DT Swiss has been making front hubs and freewheel hubs for bicycles since 1995 when they launched their now famous Hügi hub onto the bicycle market. Following the success of the Hügi, in 1999, DT Swiss expanded their range by introducing a new line of mid-market hubs. These mid-market hubs also proved popular among cyclists of all types. Buoyed by this success, in 2001 DT Swiss expanded into producing air shocks for full suspension bikes and then in 2004 they introduced their own range of DT Swiss wheels.

Here however, we’re talking about DT Swiss bicycle hubs, so let’s look at what’s on the market from DT Swiss today.

DT Swiss 190 ceramic hub

The 190 ceramic hub from DT Swiss is the company’s lightest front hub. It features ceramic cartridge bearings, customized start ratchets and the hub shells have been completely redesigned. The 190 ceramic 6 bolt hub also features quick release, DT Swiss’s exclusive Center Lock® and they require no special tools for fitting or maintenance.

DT Swiss 240s radial hub

The 240s radial hub from DT Swiss is the company’s signature freewheel hub. It’s available in many different versions from bolt on single speed to a 20mm thru-axle option. These lightweight yet high quality stainless cartridge bearing hubs also have quick release, the DT Swiss Ratchet System®, Center Lock® and you won’t need any special tools to fit them or for maintenance. The 240s radial hub can also be adapted for BMX and other single speed bikes as well.

DT Swiss 340 hubs

The 340 hub is solid and extremely tough and is a great choice if you and your bike are traveling around the country, or around the globe as they are tough and dependable and you can rely on them to get you wherever you want to go.

The 340 front hub features include quick release, thru axle design, and they come with the DT Swiss Ratchet System®. And if you’re into BMX riding, you can still use these hubs as they are available with an adapter for single speed bikes.

440 Freeride hubs

Now, if you subject your bike to a lot of abuse with some hardcore downhill riding or freeriding, then the 440 freeride front hub may just be the hub you need for your bike.

The 440 Freeride hubs have been designed to withstand huge amounts of punishment. They feature quick release, thru axle design, stainless cartridge bearings and the DT Swiss Ratchet System®.

540 tandem hubs

If you ride a tandem bike then no sweat, DT Swiss have a specially designed front hub just for you. As the front hub of a tandem bike needs to handle double the load of a single rider bike, you need hubs that are built extra strong for that extra load. That’s exactly what the 6 bolt 540 tandem hubs offer. Apart from their extra sturdy design, they also feature quick release, the DT Swiss Ratchet System®, and they need no special tools for fitting or maintenance.

DT Swiss 370 hubs

If you’re looking for understated beauty in a front hub, and who isn’t, then the DT Swiss 370 hubs may just be the right choice for you. Built with that renowned Swiss quality and reliability, the 6 bolt 370 features quick release, thru axle design, a two pawl system and Center Lock®.

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