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Kryptonite Security

  • With the amount of money you can spend on a good bike these days, it’s important to have the right security to keep your pride and joy out of the hands of would be thieves.
  • Kryptonite bike locks have a strong reputation for keeping your bike safe whenever you have to leave it behind in the street.
  • Kryptonite produces a wide range of bike security options including locks and cables.
  • Among the Kryptonite security options is their renowned HardWire range.

The HardWire 1518 provides a moderate level of security and is most suited to areas that experience relatively low or moderate levels of crime. The HardWire 1518 bike lock features a 15mm braided steel cable that resists cutting, as well as a reinforced head lock constructed with Kryptonite’s “Talon” lock pin retention system, providing extra holding power. The lock itself incorporates a high level of security with a disc cylinder and an anti-drill guard. The lock has more than one million different key variations. The lock head of the HardWire 1518 can rotate a full 360 degrees to give you easier handling when you’re locking or unlocking your bike. And with the weatherproof vinyl skin on the cable, you won’t scratch your bike, and it comes with two security keys.

Another Kryptonite security bike lock suitable for riders lucky enough to live in an area where crime isn’t a huge problem is the HardWire 2011. This Kryptonite lock features a 20mm braided steel cable and also includes the “Talon” lock pin system as well as other features of the HardWire 1518. In addition, it also includes an integrated adjustable spline attachment, dual sliding cylinder weather guards with an automatic close feature and a Hook-n-Loop retention strap that provides extra stability when you’re carrying your lock around on your bike.

Next in the Kryptonite HardWire lineup is the HardWire 2085. This also features a 20mm braided cable that makes it suitable for low or moderate crime areas. It also features the “Talon” lock pin retention system and the disc cylinder has an anti-drill guard. Like the other HardWire cables it has a protective vinyl skin, a lock head that rotates a full 360 degrees for easy locking and unlocking and versatile lock carrying locations including the bike seatpost or frame.

Okay, so your neighborhood can’t exactly be describes as a low crime area, it’s not exactly a no-go zone, but bikes go missing on a fairly regular basis. Well, you might want to try the Kryptonite HardWire 2510.

The 2510 features a stronger 25mm cable hat provides increased cut resistance. Like some of the other HardWire cables, it also has a dual sliding cylinder weather guards and automatic close. The Hook-n-Loop strap will help keep it in place during transporting.

These Kryptonite security solutions for your bike will help keep it safely in your hands in areas where crime isn’t a huge problem, but nonetheless where you still need to be careful. If you do live on the mean streets where these HardWire cables just won’t cut it however, then Kryptonite have some other extra heavy-duty security options available as well.

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3 Responses to “Kryptonite Security HardWire Sets”

  1. Cathy says:

    This lock is amazing. I mean I don’t know if I would need that kind of security, but at least I would know that my bike was safe no matter where I parked it. There seems to be no way to get through this lock short dynamite.

  2. Mike says:

    I feel like a lock like this would be incredibly unnecessary. I can’t think of a place where I would go that I would need a lock this strong. I mean, generally I’m just going around town and a normal lock works fine.

  3. Bobby says:

    Like the sound of it – Kryptonite – awesome! Not even the Man of Steel will come close to my bike, not that he would, of course :). I have tried a few different security chains, with mixed results. I know they’ve come a long ways. The bigger threaded cables should help deter “cutters”. What is wrong with people anyway? Go get your own, man. You probably make more in your business than I do in mine, so lay off already.

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