Magura Hydraulic Disc Brake

magura disc brake
Whether you ride extreme downhill, cross-country or freeride, your brakes are vital. You need the right brakes and the right brake pads to pull you up in a hurry when you need to stop. So should you go disc brakes or drum brakes? Well, disc brakes are generally preferred over drum brakes. And Magura Hydraulic disc brakes have a great reputation for pulling you up fast.

Magura Julie Hydraulic Disc Brake

This fully hydraulic disc brake with a dual piston fixed caliper features Magura’s all new Quickmount adaptor, which makes installing this hydraulic disc brake on your bike quick and easy and requires no shimming.

The Julie features slotted steel rotor with 180mm diameter front and 160mm rear rotors. You can also get an adaptor that allows you to use a 180mm rotor on the rear as well. It also has an automatic brake pad wear adjustment.

Technical overview

The Julie hydraulic disk brake includes 2-finger aluminum blade levers with integrated reach adjust. The Dual Docking design lets you run shifters on either side of the brake lever. There’s also an EBT port (Easy Bleed Technology) on the reservoir cover.

There’s also an updated 74mm post-mount, dual-piston calipers with automatic brake pad-wear adjustment. The inboard, central-mounted Heat Eater caliper attachment provides 45-degrees of automatic angle adjustment. The fully-hydraulic Magura mineral oil system also comes with a five-year leak-proof warranty

Magura Marta SL Hydraulic Disc Brake

If you want a super-light dual-piston fixed caliper hydraulic disc brake, then the Magura Maria SL has been the benchmark in lightweight hydraulic disc brakes for more than six years now. By using high-strength, forged magnesium the Marta disc brake from Magura weighs just 315 grams (0.69 lbs).

Technical overview

The Maris SL is an open hydraulic disc brake with a fully integrated hydraulic reservoir. It includes Easy Bleed Technology (EBT) for quick and easy bleeding. You can check the brake pad wear without removing the pads. The rotor’s design improves cooling and is available in 203mm, 180mm or 160mm (8″, 7″ or 6″) diameters. The rotor and adapter can be purchased separately. The levers have carbon 2-finger blades with integrated reach adjust.

Magura Gustav M Hydraulic Disc Brake

If you’re looking for a reliable downhill brake, then the Magura Gustav M Hydraulic Disc Brake may be well worth checking out.

You can get the Gustav M hydraulic disc brake is available in a number of versions with a selection of disc diameters. There’s also different fork models available catering for non International Standard mounts.

This fully hydraulic downhill and freeride brake from Magura offers superior stopping power. There’s automatic pad wear adjustment with a lever reach adjustment and the discs come pre-bled and ready to mount. The front brake, including rotor weighs 640 grams and the rear, including rotor, weighs 580 grams.

Magura Louise Hydraulic Disc Brake

The Louise Carbon is a versatile full hydraulic disc brake that features a unique design. The latest model released in 2009 features larger lever blades that boast improved ergonomics for a better grip and comfort over long rides.

This Magura open hydraulic disc brake system has an integrated reservoir, dual pistons with fixed calipers and features automatic pad wear adjustment. The Louise also features their Heat Eater to disperse the heat your brakes build up quickly and an adjustable hose fitting that needs no tools. It also has an integrated cooler. You can check your pad wear without having to remove the pads. The brake levers features Magura’s Bite Adjust Technology (BAT).


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