Minoura Action Mag Roller

Minoura Action Mag RollerBicycle trainers and rollers offer a great way to train your body to ride faster on you bike. Rollers and trainers have different benefits depending on what you are looking for. A stationary trainer will help you build muscle and increase your level of fitness while rollers will help you to develop your riding and pedaling technique. Of the bike rollers on the market today, the Minoura Action Mag Roller is up there with the best.

Bike rollers such as the Minoura Action Mag Roller will help you improve your riding technique, from pedaling through to improving your riding position. Once you are riding smoothly on a roller, you can be confident that you’ll also be riding smoothly when you’re out there on the road.

The Minoura Action Mag Roller is available with 105mm drums and features a light alloy frame that you can fold up and store away while you’re not using it and you can also get an optional resistance unit that can be easily snapped on if you’re looking for a harder workout session.

The Minoura Action Mag Roller offers a natural riding feel for your training sessions. With the freely spinning drums on both the front and back, you have the added advantage of being able to use your handlebars to steer and to stay on balance, which you can’t do on a trainer which holds your bike firmly in place. This way, you will be forced to keep upright using your steering and balance which will help you develop and improve your overall riding style. You will need to sit in the saddle correctly, you will need to pedal smoothly and this will help you improve your technique.

While this added freedom of training on a roller is great for improving your riding, it may not be a suitable solution for beginners, or those just wanting to improve their fitness and develop their muscles. On a roller, you can fall off if you lose balance, not something you want to do too many times! Therefore, beginners may want to consider a trainer instead…at least until they feel more comfortable with their riding. Also, if you are just looking to do some exercise while you are watching TV for example, you may want to consider a bike trainer instead of a bike roller, as you really need to fully concentrate on your riding when training on a roller.

The Minoura Action Mag Roller comes from a long line of professional bike trainers and rollers from Minoura. In fact, Minoura introduced their first bike roller, the TRO-1000 way back in the 1970s. since then, Minoura have refined the design of their rollers including changing the drum diameter from 130mm to 105mm, which proved so successful, that today it has become the standard in bike rollers.

If a bike roller doesn’t suit your needs however, then you may want to check out Minoura’s range of tire drive and rim drive bike trainers. These may be more suitable if you are just looking to increase your fitness, or if you aren’t quite confident enough to jump onto a bike roller just yet.

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