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Best Eyes Protection: Adidas Bike Goggles

Friday, August 7th, 2009
Adidas Goggles

You’ve got your brand new bike, you’ve got the right shorts, shirt and helmet to make you look like a real pro…you also need the right eyewear protection. For the best eye protection, check out Adidas bike goggles.

Adidas has a range of very cool bike eyewear for when you’re out there pedaling hard. Whether you’re riding on the road or drifting in the dirt, you need proper eye protection. Adidas has a great range of cycling goggles and eyewear for both men and women to not only protect your eyes, but to also keep you looking great.

Firstly, let’s take a look at the Agilis range from Adidas. While this range is suitable for a wide range of different sporting activities, they are great for cyclists. The Agilis range of eyewear offer a wide panoramic view, which you really need no matter where you’re riding your bike so that you can keep all those hazards and obstacles in your line of sight at all times.

The Agilis range comes in a wide choice of stylish colors for both frames and lenses. For the frames you can choose from grey, brown, matt black, matt copper, matt silver or red. For the lenses, you can take your choice from silver or bluelightfilter. The lenses are also available in anti-fog, just perfect for those early morning and mountain rides. As they are very versatile, the Agilis range might be ideal if you’re also into running or other sports.

If you’re looking for bike goggles purely for riding however, check out the Adidas Evil Eye range with their lightweight flexible frames perfect for wearing with your helmet. When you’re wearing any of the Adidas Evil Eye range, you’ll look like you really mean business whether you’re tearing up the tar or the dirt.

Firstly, let’s take a look at the Evil Eye S. These stylish bike goggles come in two sizes for that perfect fit and also includes a Double-Snap nose bridge and TrufitTM Temple. They offer three height settings and a ribbed temple grip for added comfort. The lenses, depending on the color you choose, will absorb up to 87 percent of the light. Take your pick from the range of colors: frames come in blue, white, red and black, while lenses are available in grey, silver, lilac mirror, bronze mirror, gold, orange and clear.

Like the Evil Eye S, the Evil Eye L comes in two sizes and has many of the same features. The Evil Eye L is also available in the same colors.

The Evil Eye also comes in a pro range for both the S and L models. The pro range is perfect for the serious cyclist with lightweight and flexible SPXTM frames. The goggles include a sweat blocker and ventilation system for when you’re really working up a sweat. Frames are available in matt black/chrome, transparent orange, transparent dark blue, black grey, transparent red, silver black and white black. Lenses are available in the same colors as in the Evil Eye S and L range but include an anti-fog coating.

So, before choosing the best eye protection, make sure you check out Adidas bike goggles.