Why Kenda Bike Tires Are Among the Best?

Kenda Bike TiresAs all cyclists know, your bike tires are a vital component of your bike. If there’s one thing that can really spoil your ride, whether you’re into touring or road racing, mountain biking or BMX, it’s when your tires let you down. It’s important to use the best bicycle tires for the job. You need to know that it’s going to give you the grip you need in the dirt or that you’re not going to be on the side of the road repairing your road bicycle tire.

There are a number of quality bike tires on the market today, and Kenda bike tires are regarded as among the best bicycle tires. In fact, today they are one of the top selling bike tire manufacturers in North America.

Kenda offers a wide range of different bike tires for all types of specialist riding. So, whether you’re into mountain cross-country, downhill riding, BMX, road racing or just riding around the suburbs on the weekends, there’s a Kenda bike tire to suit your riding.

So, what makes Kenda bike tires among the best?

Kenda’s tire casing technology
The fabric of the tire casings on Kenda bike tires is made in different thicknesses and threads, depending on the type of tire and what you’re going to use it for. Kenda’s bicycle tires are available in 22 TPI, 30 TPI, 60 TPI and 120 TPI (threads per inch).

Normally with a higher TPI, the tire will feel more supple and it will also flex more easily. Therefore, with a higher TPI you’ll get a much more comfortable ride, compared with that of a lower TPI rating. Now, this will suit some uses, but may not be so good in other situations.

Most of the tires in Kenda’s premium bike tire range have a TPI of 60 or higher. Some of Kenda’s road bicycle tires and cross-country mountain bike tires even have up to 120 TPI. At the other end of the spectrum, some of Kenda’s studded tires in their premium range have just a 22 TPI rating. This is because these tires need a more solid wall to take the punishment that will inevitably dished out.

So, depending on the level of puncture resistance and ride quality that you need, the tire casings are treated and reinforced to provide the optimum level of performance.

Advanced rubber
Kenda has also developed advanced rubber compounds that are superior to most other rubber compounds. Depending on the type of bicycle tire and the specific characteristics required, the rubber compounds can provide improved grip, less resistance on the road or track or better puncture resistance when used on the trails.

Tire tread
The type of riding and the surface on which the bike will be ridden will determine what tire tread is most appropriate. Kenda has a wide range of tread patterns to suit any particular purpose. Whether, you’re racing downhill, riding hard across country, getting air over a BMX jump or sticking to the tar and you want the best bicycle tires, there’s a Kenda tire that will keep you on the right course and way out in front.

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