Dual Pivot Campagnolo Brake Caliper Set

Campagnolo Brake CaliperWhen it comes time to update your bike’s brake caliper set, Campagnolo offers you a premium range of brake caliper kits that are well respected and have a great name among many cyclists. Campagnolo brake calipers are elegantly designed and work smoothly to provide a great braking feel that will pull you up effectively and efficiently no matter what the conditions of the road surface you are riding on. Here we check out some of the Campagnolo’s dual-pivot brake calipers for road bikes.

Campagnolo designs, produces and distributes high-end components for road racing bikes including sprocket sets, front and rear derailleur sets, chains, brakes and wheels. The company was founded in Vicenza in 1933 by Commendatore Tullio Campagnolo on three fundamental concepts that the company still adheres to today – performance, technological innovation, and quality of its products and services.

According to their website, Campagnolo “create their products using the most innovative technologies and production processes, with prime-quality materials including carbon fiber, titanium and alloys”.

This commitment to innovative technology and performance is demonstrated in the Campagnolo range of dual-pivot brake caliper sets.

Mirage Dual Pivot Brakes
Firstly, the Mirage brake caliper set from Campagnolo features a dual-pivot design and weighs just 340 grams per pair. Their special geometric design, combined with brake pads made with Campagnolo’s special rubber compound, provide up to 50 per cent greater braking performance on dry surfaces and up to 60 per cent improved braking in the wet, it is claimed by Campagnolo. The brake reach is 40mm to 50mm and the calipers are suitable for rim brakes.

Campagnolo Veloce D Skeleton Brakes
These road caliper brake sets from Campagnolo are compatible with rim brakes and have recessed mounting bolts, and include a dual-pivot front caliper and a single-pivot rear caliper. The front brake dual-pivot calipers have a brake reach of 40mm to 50mm and weigh 174.5 grams while the rear single-pivot calipers also have a reach of 40mm to 50mm reach and also weigh 174.5 grams. They come in black and have short pull brake levers.

Campagnolo Centaur D Skeleton Brakes
The Centaur D Skeleton road caliper brake sets have a dual-pivot front caliper and single-pivot rear caliper with recessed mounting bolts. This caliper set is compatible with rim brakes and both front and rear have a brake reach of 40mm to 50mm and weigh 167 grams each. They are available in silver and also come with short pull brake levers.

Campagnolo Record D Skeleton Brakes
The Campagnolo Record D Skeleton is a road caliper brake set that has been stripped of any unnecessary material to make them much lighter. While they are lighter, they are also very stiff. The front caliper is a dual-pivot caliper while the rear caliper is single-pivot and both calipers have recessed mounting bolts. Thanks to being stripped of unneeded material both the front and rear calipers weigh just 139.5 grams each. They are compatible with rim brakes and both the front and rear have a reach of 40mm to 50mm. The Record D Skeleton brake calipers are available in black and have short pull front and rear brake levers.

If you are serious about your bike and road riding, and you are looking for anew set of brakes, then make sure you check out the range from Campagnolo.

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