What Makes Michelin Carbon Tires So Durable?

Michelin Carbon TiresAs you’d probably be aware, Michelin has been making car and truck tires for a long time, but did you realize that Michelin also makes a range of durable carbon tires for road bikes, BMX and mountain bikes and even kids’ bikes? So, the next time you are looking for a set of the best bicycle tires, whether they are road bicycle tires, or for BMX or mountain biking, check out Michelin carbon and Michelin clincher tires.

So, what makes Michelin carbon tires so durable?

Well, let’s take a look at the Michelin City Trekking range of tires for example. They are made from a special compound known as Protek that is a mixture of rubber and other antioxidants that when combined together, provide a special reinforcement band, just under the tread. Michelin calls this its Protek Shield, but for you, it means that you can be confident that you will be less susceptible to punctures, no matter where you are riding.

But Michelin don’t stop there, along with their Protek Shield, they also have cut-resistant tire walls and a special design that prevents pinching and flats.

If you’re into riding around the city or suburbs with the aim of improving your fitness, rather than just a leisurely ride around the park or neighborhood on a weekend, then the Michelin Pilot Sport tire may be just right for you.

These clincher tires from Michelin also include Michelin’s Protek technology in the manufacture of these tires, but they include an extra high density, which you just don’t get on the City Trekking range. They also have special reinforcement to protect against punctures so that you can rest assured you’ll be spending less time fixing punctures on the side of the road an you’ll be on your bike training hard, just like you intended.

Now, let’s take a quick look at tire density as this is vital if you want to choose the right clincher tire or carbon tire for the type of riding that you will be doing.

Density is measured by threads per inch. And like most other tire manufacturers, Michelin make a range of tires with varying threads per inch (or tpi).

Firstly, if you’re looking for an entry level tire, or you’ll be subjecting your tires to serious punishment with some downhill or freeriding, then you’ll want a tire with lower tpi. Michelin make a tire with 33 tpi, and this is the tire you would choose.

If you’re looking for a smoother tire for road riding, then the next up in density is the 60 tpi, this is the intermediate range from Michelin and should suit most casual riding.

If you need a serious road bicycle tire for more competitive road racing, then you will need to go to the 127 tpi which is Michelin’s best bicycle tire tread.

Apart from tpi, you will also need to consider the weave. Michelin clincher tires are available in a selection of woven materials including carbon tires.

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