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We all know that riding your bike is healthy for you as well as being good for the environment. The next time you take a trip to the shops, with an Inertia Designs pannier, you can now leave the car at home, and get some exercise…and do your bit for the environment at the same time.

The Metro Lite bike pannier is a commuter bag for your bike that can be used in either a single sided or pair configuration. You can fit a grocery bag into each Metro Lite pannier, or if you really want to help the environment you can even lift the bag out of its frame and take that into the grocery store and leaving those nasty plastic bags behind. You could also fit 24 cans of your favorite beverage if you’ve already bought the groceries for dinner.

The bottom of this Inertia Designs pannier is supported by internal suspension straps that will hold any heavy load that you would want to carry on your bike. And of course, you don’t want those bags swinging around from side to side with any heavy load that you are carrying so the pannier comes with a front stabilizer bar.

And when you’ve got home and unloaded your shopping, the Metro Lite folds up flat and can be kept out of the way.

The features of the Metro Lite bicycle pannier includes solid single-sided fabric, a rear shoulder strap, bungee fixed hook suspension and is available in black. The bag carries 1,248 cubic inches and weighs 29 ounces.

If a basket is more what you’re after, then Inertia Designs also makes a Metro Basket pannier.

The bungee suspension, single-sided folding basket pannier has a shoulder strap so you can still take it with you into the store after you’ve locked your bike up out the front. The basket will fit a grocery bag, or, you could just take your basket in and fill that with your favorite foods in the store.

If you ride to work or study, with the Metro Basket pannier from Inertia Designs, you have a place for your work bag or suitcase or a place to put your books or files.

When you aren’t using the basket, you can actually fold it up in on itself so it’s completely out of the way.

The Metro Basket features adjustable top hooks that lets you perfectly position the bag on your rack for a more stable ride and to prevent your heels rubbing.
If you are one of those riders who is always using their bike, and you need the extra room, then the Super Metro pannier may be just for you.

The Super Metro is two inches longer and an inch wider than the Metro Basket. This bike pannier also includes internal suspension webbing that provides extra support for all those heavy loads with increased structural support with aluminum tubing at the hinge point and the bag’s outer bottom edge.
For extra storage space for your keys or other items, the Super Metro has two internal flat zipper pockets.

Okay, so you have your Inertia Designs pannier, you might also want to consider a pannier rain cover. This will protect your cargo from the elements and road grime. Made of heat-treated nylon, it simply slips over your bag just like you’d slip on a bathing cap.

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