Maximum Rolling DT Swiss Rear Cassette Hub

Rear Cassette HubIf you’re in the market for a new set of rear cassette hubs, DT Swiss make a range of high quality freewheel rear hubs that will ensure your bike’s performance remains at its peak.

DT Swiss has been making rear cassette hubs for bicycles since 1995. Back then, they hit the bicycle components scene with their now famous Hügi hub. Following the success of the Hügi, they expanded their bicycle components range in 1999 by introducing their line of mid-market hubs which bought them a whole new fan base from riders who could now afford their hubs. Then, in 2001 DT Swiss expanded into the production air shocks for full suspension bikes. Later, in 2004 they introduced their own range of DT Swiss wheels.

It’s their hubs however that have given them their well deserved reputation, and in particular, their rear wheel cassette hubs.

DT Swiss 190 ceramic rear cassette hub

The DT Swiss 190 ceramic rear cassette hub is the lightest hub made by DT Swiss. The hub features smooth ceramic cartridge bearings, and customized start ratchets.

This ceramic rear cassette hub also features 6 bolt hub also features quick release and DT Swiss’s exclusive Center Lock®. Their easy to fit also and you won’t need any special tools to do so.

DT Swiss 240s radial hub

The 240s radial hub is DT Swiss’s signature freewheel hub. You can get it in many different versions from a bolt on single speed to a 20mm thru-axle option. They are lightweight rear cassette hubs with stainless cartridge bearings and feature quick release, the DT Swiss Ratchet System® and Center Lock®. What’s more they are also available for BMX and other single speed bikes. All you’ll need is a special adaptor. Like the other rear hubs in the DT Swiss range, they are easy to fit and don’t need any special tools, making them convenient to install and work on.

440 Freeride hubs

If you’re looking for a tough rear cassette hub that will be able to handle all the punishment and abuse you ca dish out, then you might want to take a look at the 44 Freeride hubs from DT Swiss. They are built tough and made to last so they are perfect for downhill racing and freeriding.

They feature quick release, stainless cartridge bearings and the DT Swiss Ratchet System®.

When you buy a DT Swiss rear cassette hub, you can be sure you are buying a quality hub that will provide maximum rolling, a smooth ride and they will be built to last. They are Shimano compatible and with their wide range of hubs and other components, you will be able to find the right rear cassette hub specially for your type of bike and the kind of riding you do. And while you’re at it, why not check out DT Swiss’s range of wheels, spokes and nipples, suspension forks and shocks, and other accessories. DT Swiss has dealers and distributors across the United states and in many other countries including Australia, Great Britain, Austria, Greece, Thailand, Israel ad even Kazakhstan.


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